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What is "The Geek Quiz"?

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screen01Introducing "The Geek Quiz", the ultimate game of geek questions.

Are you a huge fan of US T.V. Shows? Do you consider yourself an expert when discussing music? Do you think you are a Star Wars expert? Are you an expert playing video games? Do you think you know more about sports than anyone else?

Do you know a ton of data that the world considers useless but we know is really of utmost importance?

Now is your chance to prove it.

More than 4,000 fun questions. Compete in two, four or eight categories to be the best among your friends. Strive to be “The Geek Quiz” champion.

Forget about boring history, art and literature questions... Laughter is assured with any of our categories:


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How to play



Soon you will be able to play “The Geek Quiz” with your friends in multi player mode. Challenge them and prove you are the champion.



The object is to answer the maximum number of questions correctly in a row.

First choose the categories you wish to compete in.

he questions begin after the countdown. Answer as many as you can correctly. The game is over once you miss a question. The number of correct answers is displayed. Break your own record and post it on Facebook or Twitter. Be more of a “Geek” than your friends and family.

Push the pause button to stop the game during play. You must still answer that question. The game will pause before the next question.



"The Geek Quiz" is a series of questions for people with special interests. Play it alone or with your friends.

Choose from eight different categories of questions during the game:


Choose two, four or eight categories. in single or multi player mode. Enjoy your favorite categories or play all of them.

There are 30 seconds to answer each question so think quickly.

All questions have been verified on Wikipedia, nevertheless we welcome any corrections.

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  • Offensive questions are not supported with any group, institution, company or individual, or those that are capable of violating the right to honor or privacy.
  • May not be questions that do not include the right solution.
  • In the game, the question will appear with your username.
  • Questions should be verifiable by "The Geek Quiz".
  • Participation implies acceptance of these conditions.
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